Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer Start

Much has been happening lately, and I am blessed to say that I feel I am finding myself again. I have been keeping busy and finding joy in the things I do. "Hands to work, hearts to God." I believe that. I think when we are busy about our Lord's business, our hearts will be turned toward Him. I also believe that "idle hands are of the devil." I try to find joy in some of my chores, even though I am not fond of them. But I know that cleaniness is next to Godliness, and I feel much better after the work is done.

In other news, John Levi turned 14 this past March, and Ruth Ann's birthday was just around the corner and now she is 13. Also, John Levi graduated the 8th grade as of Friday. And now tht he is 14, he will do like Jacob Jr. and work in the fields. They will both continue to work in our own fields, of course, but John also hopes to have a paying job at one of the neighbor's farms before too long. I hope that Jerry Troyer's will be able to take on John Levi as he did Jr. last year. It would be nice for the boys to work together.

As if graduation wasn't enough excitement, John was hopeful to receive his own shotgun this year too. He remembers all too well tht Jr. received his first shotgun for his 14th birthday last year and I was quick to remind Jacob that if he buys such a gift for one son on his birthday, it's sure to turn into an expectation with the other boys too. Jacob just smiled when I told him that. I'm guessing that was his plan all along. John was excited when Jacob granted his wish and presented him with the gun on his birthday morning. He is already excited for their big turkey shoot this year, and it's still a good five months away!

For Ruth Ann's birthday I had been working on two new dresses, and we also made a trip into Gohn Brother's as her old shoes were 'bout ready to give way.

Other than that, all of the children are excited to be done with school for the summer. As we speak they are crawling all over Jacob at the moment while he and the older boys are putting up the trampoline. The kids squealed with delight when Jacob and I agreed it was time to get it set up for the summer. I just pray no one breaks their neck on that thing!

God Bless,