Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Planting Today

Yesterday we got all of the wash off the line and finished the ironing. We also washed all of the walls, baseboards and floors. Mommie came again to help and said her arthritis was a little better. My other sister Josie came along with Caroline too.

Usually, Wednesdays are my sewing days and during the spring and summer my gardening days too. However, we will forego the sewing today.

Today we plan to spend time turning the soil in my vegetable garden. I've got to get my seeds in and the last few weeks the ground has just been too cold and too hard. Today is a perfect day and I've enough hands to help. We must finish the planting today as tomorrow we plan to give the garage a thorough cleaning and that will take just about all day. Good thing the cousins will come to help tomorrow.

Friday we will bake the pies and the church cookies and finish any cleaning. Then Saturday we will make the final food preparations with the sandwiches and such, while the men and boys unload the church wagon and set up all of the benches and tables.

God Bless,

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Ruthykins said...

do you ever help out when the red cross does a blood drive? whenever i went to give blood they always had the most delicious sandwiches and i would love the recipe. i think they were called ham salad.