Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I've Been Sailing...

... Garage Sailing, that is. Or perhaps it's Garage Saling ...

There is a huge subdivision that has an annual neighborhood garage sale every year over Labor Day weekend. Etta Sue and I happened on it about 8 years ago. Here is what we noticed. This neighborhood is filled with huge homes and people tend to do so much redecorating, they are always getting rid of perfectly good, and "nearly new" items if the items no longer "go with the new decor".

Bunny has been driving the girls & I to this garage sale for the last four years. I think this year she was actually looking forward to it more than other years. Bunny's husband drives a big vehicle. I think she called is an SUB or an SUV or something. It might have been SUB... come to think of it. Big enough to resemble a submarine. Anyway, Bunny said she was thrilled because "the man" was out of town and she would be able to "run his tank all the way to empty". I informed Bunny we would of course pay her for gas like we always have. Bunny refused. She told me and the girls that she was "making the man pay" cuz she is tired of "paying the price for him refueling elsewhere." And then she cackled louder than any hen we've ever heard. I don't know if we really knew what she meant, but we all laughed anyway...she just seemed so funny.

So a week ago Saturday, we drove up to Bonneville Cove, for what Bunny called the "Hoity-Toity-Palooza". Again, I don't really know what she meant, but she was making wise cracks and giggling, so we laughed too.

I found a new set of dinner plates, 4 ice cube trays (that I needed as mine were all cracked), church socks for the boys, nearly new dish towels in a pale sage green, and lots of scrapbooks that were still in the plastic coverings. Etta Sue got a huge rug for the living room floor and lots of baby onesies and sleepers. I think that was her way of saying the next one is on his way!

Bunny met up with us afterwards. As usual, she came back empty-handed and as usual she said she spent most of the day eavesdropping from the "plastic ladies" to get the "latest scoop".

Oh my word, that Bunny is a funny one.

So, did any of you have some good finds this summer?

God Bless,


greenolive said...

yes I found great shoes that were nearly new for myself and a pair for my son. My husband found two bicycles. It was a great sailing season.

Puphigirl said...

I have not had a chance to go garage sailing this year. But I have checked out a few booths at the craft fair that the city festivals I have been to. I bought a painting for my father, which I new he wanted, and surprised him with it.

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

I havent been so far this year....but the big local one is the first saturday in Oct.

Ruthykins said...

i haven't been sailing, but my mom has. just last week she called me up. she found a really nice dresser, but couldn't think of anywhere in her house to put it. she called me and i said that i wanted it. it's nice, too. i have no idea why they were getting rid of it.