Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Hen Party

I had some little sewing projects and hand crafts that I have wanted to work on, but just haven't had the time lately. I talked to Etta-Sue (my Sister-in-law) and we both agreed that we should schedule a time to get together to devote on our projects. Of course when she said that, I immediately agreed and then we both looked at each other smiling and at the same time said, "Hen Party!"

When Bunny came by this morning, I told her that several of the women would be coming in the forenoon for the Hen Party, and Bunny seemed particularly intrigued. She said she was surprised that Amish women had Hen Parties. I didn't know why she thought it would be odd for Amish women to have a get-together to work on their sewing or other crafts. I told Bunny she was welcome come. She said she could not wait to see what would "go down at an Amish Hen Party" and that she would definitely come! I was quite surprised, actually.

My sisters Caroline and Josie came and they brought Mommie. Of course Etta-Sue was there, and she came along with one of her sisters who is also in our church, JoAnn, and another sister who lives over in Nappannee, Lora. I invited a few of the ladies from church, and though sometimes I don't care for Jonas-Mary's bragging, I invited her and she came. She was actually quite pleasant today. Maybe she is coming around.

Bunny came and chatted with a few of the ladies and finally asked who was getting married. I didn't quite know why she thought someone was getting married, and neither did the other ladies. Bunny finally explained that a Hen Party is what the English sometimes call a "female-adult-only" bachelorette party and it usually involves lots of alcohol and what she called, "naughty games". Boy, did the ladies cackle about that one.

I explained to Bunny, that the term "hen party" just means a party for women only, and that for the Amish, it's usually when we get together to sew or craft or quilt or something. We had another round of cackling and Bunny laughed right along with us.

God Bless,


Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

Woo Hoo Rebekah! Party on!! LMBO

I am heading to PA Dutch Country for the weekend...I will wave to your distant relatives.

Ruthykins said...

gosh, i'm glad i didn't know about "english" hen parties. although, i figured if bunny was excited then it would have to be something like that. i have a hen party (card swap) tonight, but i can't go. i've got to clean. i do love hen parties!

Puphigirl said...

I have not been to a Hen Party (Amish Style) in a long time. I do remember tagging along with Mom to a few. I never knew that the English referred to Bachelorette parties as hen parties. Just goes to show you never stop learning.

Anonymous said...

Great ideas and interesting too. Looking forward to know more about about UK Hen Do.