Thursday, December 3, 2009


Well, it's that time of year when everyone seems to be bustling about for holiday preparations. Bunny had a crew at her house yesterday in the forenoon. They were hanging twinkle lights all around. The children like to look at her twinkle lights from the upstairs bedroom window. Lora Lee says it looks like Angel kisses, and Esther Sue says they look like stars dancing on Bunny's roof.

Jacob and I have finally decided what to get the children for Christmas this year. Here is the plan:

Jr & John Levi - New fishing poles. They have had the same ones since they started school, and Jacob says Lehman-Chucky told him about a good deal on poles at a shop over in Goshen.

Ruth Ann - being 12, Ruth Ann said she just wants some new dresses. I've already sewn her a new one for church, but the big surprise will be that I am buying her a handbag too. I found a nice black one over at the WalMarts and there is a cute black wallet with an embroidered flower on the clasp that I think she will like.

David Jay - We are getting him a basketball. He is always out playing with the neighbor boys and for his birthday last year, Jacob put up a basketball hoop out on the back of the garage. So, now he won't have to use his brother's old ball.

Jed & Malon - are both going to get their own pocket knives. They don't have one yet, and that is about the age the other boys got their first pocket knife. Jake says Varns & Hoover has some really nice ones the boys would love.

Sarah Jo, Esther, Lora Lee, and Gracie - are each getting a new baby doll to play with. They will also each get a new church dress as well, and I am just about done with the last one.

Oh, and the boys are all getting a new knit cap too. So, this Saturday, I will use some of the egg money I've been keeping in the coffee can for Christmas and Jake and I will go into town and do our shopping.

I know not all Amish families do this, but we have the children bring their socks out by the wood stove Christmas eve and Jake and I fill them with treats. Each of the children usually get a candy cane, an orange, a chocolate bar and a package of nuts. They just love it.

I know it is a little vain, but I am so excited, I can't wait!

God Bless,


Ruthykins said...

that sounds great! and i also think 8 or 9 is the right age for boys to get their own personal pocket knives.

Puphigirl said...

My mom always put an orange and peanuts in our stockings too.

Anonymous said...
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Elle said...

Just found your blog. R u still writing? Hope so!