Monday, February 8, 2010

We're Eatin Crappie Fish!

Oh, I just had to write that title. Bunny is always saying that this thing or that thing is really "crappy" when it's something she doesn't like. But everytime she says it, I honestly have to think for a minute as to whether or not she means "fishy"!

Jacob and his brothers Levi and Glen David went ice fishing this past weekend. Jacob has a Mennonite Cousin, Fritzie who drives them up to Michigan each winter for some ice fishing. Mostly, they just bring home panfish, like Crappies or Bluegills. This year, they went to a different spot than usual. This is a little farther north to a place called Portage Lake.

Well they must have more species of fish or something there, because not only did they bring back crappie and bluegill, but Jacob and Levi both each got a big Northern Pike! They said Fritzie was fixin to catch himself a Walleye, but it never did happen.

Levi said the whole way home Fritzie was pouting a little, kept saying things like, "Boy those Pike sure are beauties! You boys sure got lucky!" Levi said it was about all he could do to hold his tongue and not say, "Luck has nothing to do with it!" Jacob laughed when they retold the story, and Glen David said, "Yeah, but you knew better. You didn't want to walk all the way home!"

I guess fishing trip for men is about as close to a hen party they will ever get. I am sure glad they had fun, and it looks like we'll be having some fish for supper!

God Bless,


Ruthykins said...

so, crappie is a type of fish? that's good to know.

Puphigirl said...

So you are having a fish fry? I remember back home going to a fish fry at the elementary school.

There is a neighboring town here that has a Salmon Supper. I've been wanting to go, but every year I seem to miss it.

greenolive said...

I wish I could come for dinner.