Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Storms

This summer has been a hot one so far. We've had some terrible storms too. They've made things very muggy around here.

Yesterday, the storms blew in and one of the neighbor's barn had some damage. I imagine we will hear in church when they plan to have it rebuilt. Many people have heard of barn raisings. This will be similar. The men and boys who can, will gather to work on the roof, and most of the work will be done in a day. The women will gather to watch over the children, tend to some of the chores, prepare the meals, and keep the men from being too thirsty.

Jacon Jr. and John Levi will of course go with Jacob to help. David Jay is already speaking of helping too. I'm a little more worried for him, because he has always been a little runt. In fact, Jed has nearly outgrown him.

We were blessed and had no damage to the farm. There was some chicken wire that blew loose, but Jacob already had that fixed first thing this mornin.

Many of the children enjoy watching the storms roll in. But not me. I tend to get a little scar't and my heart seems to just go and go during this time. I don't know who was holding who tighter, me or the little girls.

God Bless,Rebekah


Puphigirl said...

I love a good storm. I'm jealous that Indiana is getting all the good ones.

Ruthykins said...

i love storms, if i'm inside. i definately don't like driving in them.

Gregory said...

I just discovered your blog on this Sunday, Jan 13, 2013. Good and fun reading. Don't quit. I even showed people in my pentecostal church your site. Continue the good work. Please.
Greg Halvorson- Missoula, MT

Unknown said...

It's May 9, 2016, and I've only just discovered this wonderful blog. I'm back-reading the posts here, and Rebekah's blogging has been a great read. I can really feel the simplicity and godliness of her and her family in each of the posts. Please keep this blog going!