Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Storms

This summer has been a hot one so far. We've had some terrible storms too. They've made things very muggy around here.

Yesterday, the storms blew in and one of the neighbor's barn had some damage. I imagine we will hear in church when they plan to have it rebuilt. Many people have heard of barn raisings. This will be similar. The men and boys who can, will gather to work on the roof, and most of the work will be done in a day. The women will gather to watch over the children, tend to some of the chores, prepare the meals, and keep the men from being too thirsty.

Jacon Jr. and John Levi will of course go with Jacob to help. David Jay is already speaking of helping too. I'm a little more worried for him, because he has always been a little runt. In fact, Jed has nearly outgrown him.

We were blessed and had no damage to the farm. There was some chicken wire that blew loose, but Jacob already had that fixed first thing this mornin.

Many of the children enjoy watching the storms roll in. But not me. I tend to get a little scar't and my heart seems to just go and go during this time. I don't know who was holding who tighter, me or the little girls.

God Bless,Rebekah

Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer Start

Much has been happening lately, and I am blessed to say that I feel I am finding myself again. I have been keeping busy and finding joy in the things I do. "Hands to work, hearts to God." I believe that. I think when we are busy about our Lord's business, our hearts will be turned toward Him. I also believe that "idle hands are of the devil." I try to find joy in some of my chores, even though I am not fond of them. But I know that cleaniness is next to Godliness, and I feel much better after the work is done.

In other news, John Levi turned 14 this past March, and Ruth Ann's birthday was just around the corner and now she is 13. Also, John Levi graduated the 8th grade as of Friday. And now tht he is 14, he will do like Jacob Jr. and work in the fields. They will both continue to work in our own fields, of course, but John also hopes to have a paying job at one of the neighbor's farms before too long. I hope that Jerry Troyer's will be able to take on John Levi as he did Jr. last year. It would be nice for the boys to work together.

As if graduation wasn't enough excitement, John was hopeful to receive his own shotgun this year too. He remembers all too well tht Jr. received his first shotgun for his 14th birthday last year and I was quick to remind Jacob that if he buys such a gift for one son on his birthday, it's sure to turn into an expectation with the other boys too. Jacob just smiled when I told him that. I'm guessing that was his plan all along. John was excited when Jacob granted his wish and presented him with the gun on his birthday morning. He is already excited for their big turkey shoot this year, and it's still a good five months away!

For Ruth Ann's birthday I had been working on two new dresses, and we also made a trip into Gohn Brother's as her old shoes were 'bout ready to give way.

Other than that, all of the children are excited to be done with school for the summer. As we speak they are crawling all over Jacob at the moment while he and the older boys are putting up the trampoline. The kids squealed with delight when Jacob and I agreed it was time to get it set up for the summer. I just pray no one breaks their neck on that thing!

God Bless,

Friday, March 5, 2010

Star Cake

It was Sarah Jo's Birthday last night. And even though we'll be having ice cream supper in a few weeks, Mommie stopped by yesterday to bring her a sack of goodies. Sarah was thrilled to get a new game. It was Connect Four.

Also, Mommie brought one of her star-shaped cakes. The children always look forward to getting their very own personal cake on their birthday, and Mommie has the best frosting too.

Was there something special that you always looked forward to on your birthdays?

God Bless,

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring, Where Art Thou?

Do you ever get the winter time blues?

I think I have a bout of cabin fever. The children are pretty much couped up too, unless they're choring, and quite frankly I'm ready for them to be outside a bit more.

This winter is not just chilling me to the bones, but making me rather grouchy too. I haven't felt much like doing my work either.

Why just this evening, after the girls cleared supper, I wanted to sit for a spell and read the paper. Well, it wasn't long 'fore Jacob looked up from his paper and said, "Your dishes aren't gonna wash themselves. You might want to get them done before they sit too long."

Even though he said it jokingly, in part, it was all I could do not to flop him with my rolled up paper. I couldn't believe it! Without looking up, I said, "And your breakfast doesn't cook itself neither. I think I'll be sleeping in tomorrow." And with that I went to the kitchen and started my dishes. Immediately, I felt bad for getting sore at him. It's rare that one of us will get after the other.

It wasn't long fore I heard Jacob tell the boys they best be getting ready for bed, as they'd be getting up early to make their own eggs.

I know that was just Jacob's way of letting me know it was getting late and he didn't want me staying up late just for the sake of dishes. But that man... sometimes, I tell you...

I admit though, I did smile when he told the boys they'd be making their own breakfast in the morning. I wasn't really planning on taking the morning off, but since he mentioned it...

I think Jacob knew he pushed too far this time. We've been married long enough for him to know my Winter Blues by now. Now, if he'd just learn to hold his tongue sometimes, he'd be having homemade biscuits and gravy with those eggs in the morning. :)

God Bless,

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Circle Letter

Bunny was telling me the every now and then she calls her brother up on the telephone. I believe she said he lives Arizona or somewhere there abouts. Anyway, she said she doesn't get much time to see him and that we are lucky to live near our family. Of course, I reminded Bunny, that we are busy with the farm and since we have the horse and buggy, we don't see each other but once a month anyway for the ice cream suppers. Bunny reminded me about our "round letter". Oh my word. That Bunny is a funny one.

These letters are actually called circle letters, and they are how we all keep up with the families. I don't know if all Amish do this, but I know of many who do. Let me explain how it works, using my family as an example.

Mommie makes a list of each of the children's (my siblings) addresses. Then, Mommie will write a letter. This letter can be about anything Mommie would like. Most common things said would be about the weather or things happening on the farm, or who is sick and what not. Basically, just anything to keep each other up to date.

Then Mommie will put her letter, along with the address list, in an envelope and mail it to me, as I am the oldest. I will read Mommie's letter and then write my own letter about what is going on around here. Then I will put BOTH letters back in with the address list and send it off to Josie. She will read our letters and place one for her family and then she will mail all of them to Marvin (Mandie), an so on. So, basically, it goes to each of us in turn, and we each submit our own letter of the latest news.

Once the letter has come full "circle" you take out your old letter and write a new one as well as read all of the letters that are in the envelope.

This is a nice way to keep up. Eva always shares a little poem or verse in her letters.

Now sometimes, someone will accidentally keep the circle letter for too long at one time (Ben-Stephanie's had it for a month once). But there really isn't a strict time limit. We just make sure to circulate through each family member from Mommie all the way down to Lori Jo (Thomas). Mostly just the women write. But sometimes one of the husbands will write. Well, mostly just Ben. He's a funny one.

Well, I hope that helps you understand about the circle letter. Maybe you wanna try one in your family.

God Bless,

Monday, February 8, 2010

We're Eatin Crappie Fish!

Oh, I just had to write that title. Bunny is always saying that this thing or that thing is really "crappy" when it's something she doesn't like. But everytime she says it, I honestly have to think for a minute as to whether or not she means "fishy"!

Jacob and his brothers Levi and Glen David went ice fishing this past weekend. Jacob has a Mennonite Cousin, Fritzie who drives them up to Michigan each winter for some ice fishing. Mostly, they just bring home panfish, like Crappies or Bluegills. This year, they went to a different spot than usual. This is a little farther north to a place called Portage Lake.

Well they must have more species of fish or something there, because not only did they bring back crappie and bluegill, but Jacob and Levi both each got a big Northern Pike! They said Fritzie was fixin to catch himself a Walleye, but it never did happen.

Levi said the whole way home Fritzie was pouting a little, kept saying things like, "Boy those Pike sure are beauties! You boys sure got lucky!" Levi said it was about all he could do to hold his tongue and not say, "Luck has nothing to do with it!" Jacob laughed when they retold the story, and Glen David said, "Yeah, but you knew better. You didn't want to walk all the way home!"

I guess fishing trip for men is about as close to a hen party they will ever get. I am sure glad they had fun, and it looks like we'll be having some fish for supper!

God Bless,

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Breakfast for Supper

Tonight I had a hankering for some of the mulberries in the freezer. We have some of the biggest mulberry trees around, and I just had the notion to have myself some tonight. I made some french toast with mulberries, garlic and onion cheese omelets, and bacon for supper.

Jacob wasn't too thrilled when I told him I was fixing to have breakfast for supper, but once he smellt that bacon frying, he didn't seem to mind. My word, I think I smacked his hand at least a half dozen times as he tried to sneak himself pieces of cooked bacon off the plate. My stars, he's like a child sometimes.

The kids couldn't believe it when they found out about breakfast for supper. I've never seen Sarah Jo help set a table so fast. Honestly, I think it was the smell of bacon that did it to the kids too. There is just something about the smell of cooking bacon that brings a family together, and feels comfortable, y'know?

Well, it certainly did rile the children up anyway. We haven't had this much chitter-chatter at the supper table in I don't know how long. The funniest is when Lora Lee announced, "It must be upside down day!" We all hooped and hollered over that! Malon said that since we had breakfast for supper tonight, we ought to go ahead and have chicken fried steak and potatoes and gravy tomorrow morning for breakfast! Ha-ha!

It's hard, but sometimes during the winter I start to feel myself get down or a little depressed. I know it's just the winter blues, so a little mix-up every now and again is good, I dare say. And though everyone seemed to jump all over the bacon, for me, my little piece of heaven was having those berries with a little cream over my toast. It was just the pick-me-up I needed.

Breakfast for supper. Now that is a good idea!

God Bless,