Monday, April 13, 2009

Church News

At church yesterday Eli-Johanna gave me a new recipe for Sunshine Rolls. I think these will be perfect for Jacob and the boys in the mornings to go along with their breakfast when they come in from choring. There is a hint of orange zest in the frosting.

Updates and News. Samuel "Stubby" Frey's barn burnt down last month. They announced yesterday in church the new barn raising to take place in 3 weeks.

God Bless,


Ruthykins said...

i think i've had those rolls. we had some yesterday that i'm pretty sure had orange zest. too bad about stubby's barn. good that he's getting a new one. and nice of eli-johanna to give you her recipe.

greenolive said...

The rolls sound yummy. If Jacob likes them maybe my husband will like them too.

Amy said...

I think I saw some of the Yoder boy's messing around the barn...hope they were not playing with matches!!!

EmmaP said...

Oh Amy! Oh my word, that is too funny! Oh my, no. It wasn't the Yoder boys. It was actually from the electric storm we had last month; remember, the really heavy rains and lots of thunder and lightning.

Amy said...

Okay dear, I just know that their mama don't always keep an eye on them boys all the time. Glad to hear its wasn't them. I do remember that storm it was an awful night, I was glad that we had enough oil to keep the lamps burning!