Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday Worship

Yesterday we had Church and it went just fine. We had 4 ministers and 2 bishops come. Taking Bunny's advice I plan to explain a little bit about our church, though I don't expect it will make sense to all of you.

The church goers start to arrive around 8am. We sing from our Ausbund. During the singing, the ministers and bishops will decide amongst themselves who will give the two sermons that day.

Our ministers are different than in most churches. They do not write their sermons out ahead of time, they simply preach by inspiration and include mostly teachings from the Old Testament.

About 8:30 the first sermon will start. This is the shorter of the two sermons, lasting about 30 minutes. Then there is more scripture and prayer before the second sermon, which is the main sermon. This sermon is usually about an hour long. Following the main sermon, the other ministers and bishops add a few of their words to help emphasize the two sermons. We usually spend about another 20 or 30 minutes singing and praying. It is not uncommon for church to last for three hours.

Yesterday the ministers who preached were very emotional and powerful as they preached about loving our neighbors as Christ loved everyone and judge not that ye be judged.

Following the service we held the luncheon. Even though it is a lot of work to get ready for church, I feel blessed that we are able to welcome our friends and neighbors to come and worship. Though, I will also admit that I am glad it will about another year yet before we have church again.

I am sure there is a lot more to tell, but that is the basics. I hope you all enjoyed your Sunday worship as well.

God Bless,


Ruthykins said...

i don't know if i could go to your church. my kids would be to riotous, unless coloring and eating crackers is allowed during church.

BlueCastle said...

I think it would be fun to have church at home. I'd enjoy all the fellowship. I think. :)