Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Precious Ones

Some of you have asked about the family. Jacob and I have ten children; five boys and five girls. They are

Jacob Jr. - Age 14
John Levi- Age 13
Ruth Ann - Age 12
David Jay - Age 10
Jed Monroe - Age 9
Malon Josiah - Age 8
Sarah Jo - Age 6
Esther Sue - Age 4
Lora Lee - Age 3
Gracie Kay - Age 2

Well, as today is Wednesday, I've got yard work to tend too and a basketful of trousers that need mending.

God Bless,


Puphigirl said...

That's a nice little family you have there.

Ruthykins said...

it's nice to see that your kids have middle names. some people don't do that.

Betty said...

When is it enough? I had two and can´t imagine what it would be like to have so many children!

ann said...

Love the names!

BlueCastle said...

That's the problem with people who don't own a tv - they have to entertain themselves. ;)