Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What For!

Today I had to take the horse and buggy into town to pick up a few things. The scholars only had a half day of school today so the teachers can prepare for testing the rest of this week. I was grateful the older ones would be home and could keep an eye on the younger ones. I don't mind too much letting the children come along at times, but it makes my running around longer.

The prescriptions at the drug store weren't quite ready when I arrived, and the lines at the registers were quite long. It must be due to the holiday weekend. Needless to say, what I thought would be a quick trip into town turned into an afternoon adventure, not to mention it rained the entire way there and back, making the horse go a little slower.

Oh my stars! When I got back, everything in the house was reversed. Junior and John Levi had in mind to play some pranks. At first Ruth Ann didn't want to go along with it, but at the pleadings of the other children she finally gave in. They ended up swapping all of the furniture to the opposite sides of the room in the living room, dining room and in my bedroom. I couldn't believe it. I had in mind at first to give them all "what for" since I had already had a long day. But then I saw the looks in the children's eyes; so pleased with their clever idea. I laughed along with them instead.

I actually, told the boys they could keep the arrangement in the living room, as it was quite nice. But they agreed to put the other two rooms back together.

What else are ten children supposed to do on a rainy afternoon before chore time? I don't know how in the world I am going to keep these ten imaginations occupied by and by this summer.

God Bless,


Betty said...

haha, who would think of such a thing? :) I guess they were really BORED!

Ruthykins said...

ooh. so they like tricks, huh? i should tell them one my cousins did.

Puphigirl said...

Sometimes it's nice to change things up a bit.

okeydokeyifine said...

I still would have given them what for.